South Korea

I´m really sorry for not updating the blog lately, but It´s been a really hectic week. We arrived in South Korea last Monday, after a 48 hour long travel. Boston – New York – Munich – Oslo – London – Seoul. That´s the longest travel I´ve ever had. Training was already happening the next day and even though my body felt really sore and tired after Boston, I actually had a pretty good practice. It´s definitely one of the most creative, fun and challenging courses I´ve ever skid in. After two days of practice, which went ok, we had qualifiers. I didn´t really figure out my run before the qualification day, but after the 45 minutes of training we got before the competition, I felt really confident. I landed both of my runs, and ended up winning the qualifiers!

Bilde 16.02.2016, 04.07.36
– Looking out on the course –
Bilde 17.02.2016, 17.36.50
– Photo: Nor freeski – 
Bilde 18.02.2016, 02.21.41
– The qualification results –
Bilde 18.02.2016, 02.21.44
– The qualification results –
Bilde 16.02.2016, 22.10.39
– First rail – 

After a day off on Friday, finals happened on Saturday and I really wanted to step up my run. On the first rail I did; switch lip on blind 270 off, on the second rail I did; 270 on the box, on the third down flat down rail I did; switch up blind 270 off, on the third feature I jumped over the barrel and did 270 off the shoot out tube. On the first jump I did switch 900 tail grab, second jump 720 tail grab and on the last jump I did left side 540 critical. I got scored 91 something in my first run and coulden´t have been happier. Unfortunately I crashed my second run and fell off the top rails on my third run, but no one could beat my first run and I ended up winning.

– Stoked to share the podium with Maggie Voisin and Emma Dahlström. Photo: Nor freeski –
– Photo: Nor freeski –
– Can´t stop smiling – 

On Sunday we went down to Seoul to explore the city. It´s one of the biggest and coolest cities I´ve ever been to. It felt like we were on another planet. The food there was amazing, the people are just smiling and the vibe there was really cool. It´s definitely a country I wanna visit again, and hopefully I will for the 2018 Olympics.

Bilde 21.02.2016, 09.19.12
– This time i tried grilled oysters – 
Bilde 21.02.2016, 12.27.46
– Korean BBQ –
Bilde 21.02.2016, 07.58.02
– The “Luxury street” – 

Bilde 21.02.2016, 08.55.59

Bilde 21.02.2016, 09.32.14
– Octopus in a dough ball – 
Bilde 21.02.2016, 09.18.41
– Tuna – 

Now I´m back in Oslo for the first time in 6 weeks. It feels so good to be home, eating Norwegian food, sleeping in your own bed, speaking Norwegian, haha. Tomorrow the X Games starts and it´s the first day of practice. I´m nervous, but mostly excited to hit the enormous jump they have built. I´m not competing before Saturday, so I have a few days to get ready on. The tickets are already sold out, and I´m super excited to have my friends and family there watching me live. Even though I have a really busy week, I´ll try to keep you guys updated on whats going on. You can also follow me on Snapchat and Instragram to see what I´m up to 🙂

Snapchat: tirilsjaastad

Instagram: @tiril

– Tiril

3rd place!

Yesterday was probably one of craziest days I´ve had on skis so far. Imagine yourself standing on top of a 42 m high scaffolding jump in front of 15 000 people. I´d never thought that would ever happen, but yesterday it did. I don´t think I´ve ever been as nervous as I was before finals, I was literally shaking. I remember standing on top right before I was dropping in for my first run thinking, all eyes on you Tiril, all eyes on you. Loud music, screaming people, flashing lights. My heart was pumping, fast! We had a three run final, two jumps counts. On my first hit i did a right side 900 tail grab, which i landed pretty smooth. Second jump I did left side 540 critical. And on my last jump I tried the trick I torn my ACL on, and I haven´t done it since. Left side 900 critical. I landed, but hand dragged.. It was a big relief for me to land that trick again. I ended up getting 3rd, which I´m really happy about!

– Photo by: Henrik Lampert / Freeskier magazine –
– Dropping in at qualifiers –
– Photo by: Shay Williams –

FullSizeRender 4IMG_2143IMG_2133

– Red Sox –


Now we´re on the airport in Boston waiting to bord our flight. We have a pretty long travel ahead of us, Boston – New York – Munich – Oslo – London – South Korea.. I´m really looking forward to arrive in South Korea, take a shower and go to bed. Excited to see how many hours this travel is gonna take!

– Tiril

Exploring Boston

So, today I really felt like a tourist. Since we had the day off, I decided I wanted to check out some of the recommendations I got. We had lunch at this place called the Eastern Standard. I´ve never had oysters or clams before, so I figured, since we´re in Boston, the city of seafood, I had to try it out. I´m a seafood lover, but I think I prefer it cooked instead of raw. It was really interesting though.


After lunch we went all the way up to the top, to this tower called the Prudential Center. The view up there was unreal. We just grabbed a quick coffee before we went back down. On our way to the Fenway Park we walked through Newbury Street. It´s like, eight blocks filled with salons, boutiques and dining. We grabbed a burger at a restaurant called the Wahlburgers. It´s seriously one of the best burgers I´ve had. If you ever drive past one of his restaurants, I promise you, you will not regret stopping. I had the BBQ burger with sweet potato tots on the side. Highly recommended!

– View from the Prudential Center –


– Jake taking in the view from the top of the Prudential Center  –

We ended the day at Fenway Park, watching the Big Air Snowboard finals. It was so many people out there, which makes me really excited for tomorrow. Unfortunately non of the Norwegian snowboarders made the podium, but it was crazy to see how everyone where throwing down. We have qualifiers at 2pm tomorrow, but the guys already start at 9.55pm. Fingers crossed I´ll make finals. If you´re in Boston or near by, buy a ticket and come watch the finals at 8pm. It´s gonna be crazy!

See you there 🙂

– Tiril


Fenway Park, Boston

On Tuesday we arrived in Boston for the Big Air competition at Fenway Park. For those of you who don´t know, Fenway Park is a baseball park. And since 1912, it has been the home of the Boston Red Sox, who have won eight World Series championships. Which means, they´re pretty damn good!


FullSizeRender 2
– Boston –

Yesterday we registered and had the first look at jump. Training was divided into 6 groups so we went a bit early to check out the snowboarders. We were the first group of skiers to hit the jump, and it´s my first time to ever hit a scaffold jump. I must admit, It was pretty scary to walk up all those stairs. The scaffold is 42 m high from where we drop in, and the in run is really steep and bumpy. We only got like 6 hits each, and qualifiers is happening on Friday already. Training went pretty well, but I wish we had more time on the jump. We also get 45 minutes training before qualifiers on Friday, so I guess we`ll get a few jumps in then as well. 

– The view from the top –


Today we´re having the day off while the snowboarders are competing, so I think we´re gonna go explore Boston. Do you have any recommendations on what´s worth seeing?

– Tiril

Back in Breckenridge

We´re back in Breckenridge for the week, trying to get some training done before the Big Air goes down in Boston. My body has been feeling really sore and tired after the week in Aspen, so I took the past days off. I had a lot of things going on the whole week with training, press conference, Norwegian TV and sponsor dinners, so it was nice to finally relax, answer e-mails, work out and get back to normal rutines.

The day started as usual with a big bowl of smoothie. It´s easy, super healthy and tastes delicious!


Recipe 2 persons:

3 dl berries of your choice

1 banana

4 Tbsp natural yoghurt

1 handful of spinach

2 Tbsp Chia seeds

6 Tbsp coconut milk

2 eggs

(Water to make it as thin as you want it)

Blend it all together in a mixer and serve with some coconut flakes, fresh berries of nuts on top. Enjoy!

Later we went skiing and the weather was really good. At least for a few hours. It´s always fun to ski with Johanne. She´s pushing me, and really makes me a better skier. It was nice to get back at it after X Games.


After skiing we went to the gym, biked, played some racketball and stretched before we went back home and made this delicious flatbread pizza. Definitely one of my new favorites!


We bought the flatbread crust at the store and put some pizza sauce, mushrooms, chicken, onions, tomatoes, spinach and cheese on. Bake for 12 minutes or until the cheese is brown. Yuuumi!

Hope you all had an amazing day 🙂

Ps: Don´t hesitate to contact me if there is anything you want me to write about!

– Tiril



First of all, welcome to my blog. I´m super excited that we´re finally up and running. And for those of you who don´t know who I am and what I´m doing, this is my story;

My name is Tiril Sjåstad Christiansen and I´m a professional freeskier from a small mountain village in Norway, called Geilo. I started skiing right after I could walk and from that day, skiing has been my passion. I have two siblings, one sister and one brother. My sister was a really good alpine skier back in the days, and competed in the European Cups. My brother is doing biathlon, and he is one of the best in Norway. He´s currently traveling all over the world like me, competing in World Cups. My grandpa used to be an alpine skier as well and competed in three World Championships and one Olympic Games. My dad was a ski racing coach and my mom was also an alpine skier and she did “telemark” as well. So, it wasn´t really a choice for me. Here I am, 20 years old, traveling the world together with the Norwegian Freeski team, doing what I love the most, skiing.

I competed in my first international competition when I was 14 years old, it was a halfpipe competition in Austria. And from that day, a lot of things have happened. The next year I traveled to America for the first time. A few skiers from Norway had been taken out to compete in the World Championships in Park City, Utah. I was still young and learning, and this was a really good experience for me. In 2012, when I was 16, I got the opportunity to compete in the Youth Olympic Games in Innsbruck, where I won silver in Halfpipe. The same year I also won silver in the Junior World Championships in Slopestyle.

17 years old one of my biggest dreams came true. I got an invitation to compete in the X Games in Aspen. I was an underdog and didn´t really know that many people in the industry. This week changed my life and I ended up winning the whole thing. Just a few months later, I also won silver at the European X Games in France. After having the best year of my life and aiming towards the Olympic Games in Sochi, I torn my ACL in December, only two months before the games. This had been my dream since I was little and I refused to give up on my olympic dream. Four days before the departure to Sochi, I skied for the first time since the accident. It felt fine and I got thumbs up from the doctors. But my olympic experience didn´t least too long. My knee couldn’t handle the impact in the landings and I had to fly back home to Norway and get surgery.

In November, 9 months later, I was back on skis. And in February, three months after, I competed in my first competition back. After getting 3rd place here, I couldn’t really have asked for a better comeback. I ended up getting 2nd overall in the World Cup and finished the season with two golds in the Norwegian Championships.

I kicked off this season by winning the first World Cup in New Zealand, and after getting 5th in last weeks World Cup in Mammoth, I still have the yellow bib. One of my goals this season is to win the World Cup overall. In December I also competed in my first Dew Tour, where I won silver.

This week I was back in Aspen and X Games, after two years out with injury. I ended up getting silver and was lucky to share the podium with my Norwegian team mate, Johanne Killi who got third. Now we´re back in Breckenridge, Colorado, training for the next competition which is going to be held in Boston, at the Fenway Arena. After that we´re going to South Korea for another World Cup before we´re heading home for the Oslo X Games. I´m super excited for whats ahead and can`t wait to share my journey with you guys!

– When I used to race –
– Back in the days at Geilo –
– World Cup/New Zealand –
– World Cup/New Zealand –
– Still holding on to that yellow bib –
 -Dew Tour –
– Johanne and I –
– This is how i feel about being back in Aspen –
– Press conference –
– X Games –
– KYGO consert –

– Tiril