Exploring Boston

So, today I really felt like a tourist. Since we had the day off, I decided I wanted to check out some of the recommendations I got. We had lunch at this place called the Eastern Standard. I´ve never had oysters or clams before, so I figured, since we´re in Boston, the city of seafood, I had to try it out. I´m a seafood lover, but I think I prefer it cooked instead of raw. It was really interesting though.


After lunch we went all the way up to the top, to this tower called the Prudential Center. The view up there was unreal. We just grabbed a quick coffee before we went back down. On our way to the Fenway Park we walked through Newbury Street. It´s like, eight blocks filled with salons, boutiques and dining. We grabbed a burger at a restaurant called the Wahlburgers. It´s seriously one of the best burgers I´ve had. If you ever drive past one of his restaurants, I promise you, you will not regret stopping. I had the BBQ burger with sweet potato tots on the side. Highly recommended!

– View from the Prudential Center –


– Jake taking in the view from the top of the Prudential Center  –

We ended the day at Fenway Park, watching the Big Air Snowboard finals. It was so many people out there, which makes me really excited for tomorrow. Unfortunately non of the Norwegian snowboarders made the podium, but it was crazy to see how everyone where throwing down. We have qualifiers at 2pm tomorrow, but the guys already start at 9.55pm. Fingers crossed I´ll make finals. If you´re in Boston or near by, buy a ticket and come watch the finals at 8pm. It´s gonna be crazy!

See you there 🙂

– Tiril


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