3rd place!

Yesterday was probably one of craziest days I´ve had on skis so far. Imagine yourself standing on top of a 42 m high scaffolding jump in front of 15 000 people. I´d never thought that would ever happen, but yesterday it did. I don´t think I´ve ever been as nervous as I was before finals, I was literally shaking. I remember standing on top right before I was dropping in for my first run thinking, all eyes on you Tiril, all eyes on you. Loud music, screaming people, flashing lights. My heart was pumping, fast! We had a three run final, two jumps counts. On my first hit i did a right side 900 tail grab, which i landed pretty smooth. Second jump I did left side 540 critical. And on my last jump I tried the trick I torn my ACL on, and I haven´t done it since. Left side 900 critical. I landed, but hand dragged.. It was a big relief for me to land that trick again. I ended up getting 3rd, which I´m really happy about!

– Photo by: Henrik Lampert / Freeskier magazine –
– Dropping in at qualifiers –
– Photo by: Shay Williams –

FullSizeRender 4IMG_2143IMG_2133

– Red Sox –


Now we´re on the airport in Boston waiting to bord our flight. We have a pretty long travel ahead of us, Boston – New York – Munich – Oslo – London – South Korea.. I´m really looking forward to arrive in South Korea, take a shower and go to bed. Excited to see how many hours this travel is gonna take!

– Tiril

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