South Korea

I´m really sorry for not updating the blog lately, but It´s been a really hectic week. We arrived in South Korea last Monday, after a 48 hour long travel. Boston – New York – Munich – Oslo – London – Seoul. That´s the longest travel I´ve ever had. Training was already happening the next day and even though my body felt really sore and tired after Boston, I actually had a pretty good practice. It´s definitely one of the most creative, fun and challenging courses I´ve ever skid in. After two days of practice, which went ok, we had qualifiers. I didn´t really figure out my run before the qualification day, but after the 45 minutes of training we got before the competition, I felt really confident. I landed both of my runs, and ended up winning the qualifiers!

Bilde 16.02.2016, 04.07.36
– Looking out on the course –
Bilde 17.02.2016, 17.36.50
– Photo: Nor freeski – 
Bilde 18.02.2016, 02.21.41
– The qualification results –
Bilde 18.02.2016, 02.21.44
– The qualification results –
Bilde 16.02.2016, 22.10.39
– First rail – 

After a day off on Friday, finals happened on Saturday and I really wanted to step up my run. On the first rail I did; switch lip on blind 270 off, on the second rail I did; 270 on the box, on the third down flat down rail I did; switch up blind 270 off, on the third feature I jumped over the barrel and did 270 off the shoot out tube. On the first jump I did switch 900 tail grab, second jump 720 tail grab and on the last jump I did left side 540 critical. I got scored 91 something in my first run and coulden´t have been happier. Unfortunately I crashed my second run and fell off the top rails on my third run, but no one could beat my first run and I ended up winning.

– Stoked to share the podium with Maggie Voisin and Emma Dahlström. Photo: Nor freeski –
– Photo: Nor freeski –
– Can´t stop smiling – 

On Sunday we went down to Seoul to explore the city. It´s one of the biggest and coolest cities I´ve ever been to. It felt like we were on another planet. The food there was amazing, the people are just smiling and the vibe there was really cool. It´s definitely a country I wanna visit again, and hopefully I will for the 2018 Olympics.

Bilde 21.02.2016, 09.19.12
– This time i tried grilled oysters – 
Bilde 21.02.2016, 12.27.46
– Korean BBQ –
Bilde 21.02.2016, 07.58.02
– The “Luxury street” – 

Bilde 21.02.2016, 08.55.59

Bilde 21.02.2016, 09.32.14
– Octopus in a dough ball – 
Bilde 21.02.2016, 09.18.41
– Tuna – 

Now I´m back in Oslo for the first time in 6 weeks. It feels so good to be home, eating Norwegian food, sleeping in your own bed, speaking Norwegian, haha. Tomorrow the X Games starts and it´s the first day of practice. I´m nervous, but mostly excited to hit the enormous jump they have built. I´m not competing before Saturday, so I have a few days to get ready on. The tickets are already sold out, and I´m super excited to have my friends and family there watching me live. Even though I have a really busy week, I´ll try to keep you guys updated on whats going on. You can also follow me on Snapchat and Instragram to see what I´m up to 🙂

Snapchat: tirilsjaastad

Instagram: @tiril

– Tiril

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