X Games, Oslo

So, two weeks ago this happened!!

_E0Y4187 copy

I told you guys I would try to keep you updated, but early in the week I figured I just had to leave my computer back home and move down to a hotel closer to the Big Air at Tøyen. I didn´t think it would be that busy, but I guess having a contest in your hometown is as busy as you can get it. We arrived in Oslo Monday night and had Tuesday off before we got to hit the jump for the first time on Wednesday. I´m glad we had a few more training days then in Boston, to get even more comfortable. The jump at Tøyen was way better then expected. The in run wasn´t as icy as in Boston, the jump was bigger and the landing was longer and softer.

_E0Y1378 copy

Girls only had finals, and we were the first to drop on Saturday. I didn´t land my trick well in practice, which made me even more nervous for finals. I knew the other girls were skiing really well, and especially Johanne Killi, my team mate. She was the first girl to drop and did one of the best cork 900´s I´ve ever seen her do. She scored a 90.33 and to be honest I didn´t think anyone could beat her. My first run scored a 87.00 and I knew I could land it better. Second rund, I was the last to drop, and Johanne was still in the lead. The crowd was screaming, my hart was pounding and I knew this was my last shot to take home the gold. I don´t remember much from dropping in, but when I saw my score coming up on the board, I fell down on my back and started crying. It´s really hard to explain the felling i felt laying on the ground with Johanne jumping over me with the Norwegian flag. I saw my friends and family with tears in their eyes, and I couldn´t get a word out of my mouth. I was speechless!

_E0Y3942 copy

_E0Y3968 copy_E0Y3984 copy

I still can´t believe I won gold at Oslo X Games. Every since the day we knew X Games would be held in Oslo at the end of February 2016, this has been a big goal for me. Having my friends and family there made it even more special. And of course, the 20 000 other screaming people who was there. To be honest, I didn´t think that many people would come out to the event. So thank you so much to everyone who was there, cheering on me and the other athletes.

_E0Y4083 copy_E0Y4097 copy_H4A1166

This day was definitely one of the best days of my life, and a day I will never forget. Thank you! And fingers crossed X Games will be back in Oslo next year..


2 thoughts on “X Games, Oslo

  1. Thank you for making X-games amazing this year, both in Aspen and in Oslo! So proud to be norwegian, and so incredible happy that you girls are pushing this game! Both you and Johanne are so good role models, you are natural,sweet and so skilled! I have always been mostly interested in snowboarding, but you girls changed this!


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