World Cup finals

Right after X Games Oslo, we flew down do Switzerland to compete in the World Cup finals in Silvaplana. This is probably one of my favorite events, but unfortunately this week it wasn´t. The weather forecast wasn´t looking to good, so they had to move the qualifiers. Which ment we only had one practice day. Again, this was a challenging course, and I think we could all need a few more days on those features. But that´s how the game is, you can´t win over the weather.

Bilde 04.03.2016, 16.21.50Bilde 04.03.2016, 16.22.22

I got food poisoned the day we where supposed to have qualifiers, but then fortunately they didn´t have time to run the girls so we went the next day instead. Even though I didn´t feel to good, I decided to compete and I ended up getting 6th. It´s always disappointing when you don´t do well, but my main goal was to win the World Cup over all, which I did. So the trip wasn´t to bad after all, even though I spent most of the time in my bed… To win the World Cup over all has been one of my biggest goals for many years now, and I can´t belive I finally stand here with the crystal globe in my hands.

Bilde 04.03.2016, 16.01.16
– Photo: Christopher Frankum / skiforbundet –
Bilde 04.03.2016, 16.21.41
– It´s always nice to share the podium with your team mates! Photo: Christopher Frankum / Skiforbundet –

After Silvaplana I was supposed to go to Laax and compete in the European Freeski Open and then end the season with all the girls at Nine Queens. Things doesn´t always turn out the way you want it, and this time I had to listen to my body and travel back home instead. I´ve been struggling with my calfs for a while now, and when the body says enough, it´s better to call it a day then risk getting more hurt. It´s been a long season with a lot of traveling and competing, so I must admit, it wasn´t to bad to finally unpack my bags and go home to see my friends and family either.

Now it´s finally Easter, which is my favorite time of the year. The weather forecast is looking pretty good and I can´t wait to have some relaxing days back home. What do you like to do when it´s Easter?


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